Our Vision

Ashtamudi Hospital & Trauma Care Centre mend broken bodies, usher in new life, and provide a dignified gateway out of our mortal toil. Let’s define thus our mission on social responsibility entrusted upon us.

Our Mission

Ashtamudi Hospital & Trauma Care Centre is a community referral hospital dedicated to providing quality, value driven health care to all we serve. We provide both basic services and advanced services; care of accident victims being our area of prime focus. We at Ashtamudi Hospital & Trauma Care Services have taken up the task of delivering quality health care at affordable cost by following Rational Therapeutics, Standard Treatment Protocols and Judicious use of appropriate technology. Further more, we respect and value professional autonomy to the maximum. We take care of professionals who are dreamers and doers and ensure an environment conducive to professional advancement. Individuals within the communities we serve are assured access to quality health care regardless of ability to pay. Inherent in all patient care services decisions is an emphasis on flexibility to allow for changes as health care delivery and community needs require. The hospital is committed to financial stability through efficient service and competitive pricing. Ashtamudi Hospital & Trauma Care Centre is committed to developing and maintaining physician practices in communities outside of Kollam. So residents of those communities have convenient access to the services of the Ashtamudi medical community. Ashtamudi Health Care Services is committed to operating in an environment of continuous quality improvement. As a community health care services provider, we remain attentive to the health and well-being of those we serve through education, outreach, and other innovative services.Ashtamudi Health Care Services, maintains high standards by: recruiting and retaining excellent staff – medical, paramedical and administrative, providing leadership through practice, education and research; affiliating with renowned institutions of higher learning; offering technological advances and modern facilities.Ashtamudi Health Care Services will initiate, develop and maintain high quality health care service, provide educational programs for health professionals and for the public, and participate in programs of clinical research. At the same time, Ashtamudi Health Care Services will strive to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of health care. Periodic assessment of its mission enables Ashtamudi Health Care Services, to ensure a continuing meaningful commitment to its community.

Hospital Achievements